Welcome to Georgia

Georgia - a magic country at the foothills of Caucasus Mountains, a country of fusion of eastern mystery and western elegance, always full of unexpected. Almost all climatic zones are represented on Georgia's tiny territories. Here you can ski in snowy mountains and visit the subtropical Black Sea shore. Dense forests, mineral springs, rapid rivers suddenly give place to semi-desert landscape and majestic cave-cities and fortresses. From ancient times, Georgia was renowned for its hospitality. "Guest is sent by God" - says Georgian proverb.
Georgia is a unique country possessing enormous tourism potential. It has about 300 mountain, seaside resorts, balneotherapeutic and mud health resorts, over 10 thousand monuments of archeology, history, architecture and art, and also numerous nature sanctuaries. And all this is concentrated within the small territory occupied by the hospitable and distinctive people.
Welcome to the country of myths and legends!

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